Glory in the Face

By Mike Wilkins

The Face of Christ and the Strength to Face Anything


~ This is an incredibly thought-provoking book featuring a remarkable journey. The insight and wisdom provided in this book is deep, meaningful, and impactful. Highly recommended!

~ I have been greatly encouraged by this author as he reminds us of the precious truths of God by which we can take on the challenges of life. He has shared his own challenges including his terminal cancer testifying that God indeed comes through with everything we need for the moment.

~ This book was extremely helpful to me. While I am not a pastor, or dying of a "nasty case of terminal cancer", I am a human being with daily struggles and concerns. I found this book to be filled to the brim with helpful insight and advice. It was an inspiring read, to be sure. Mike Wilkins was able to tell his own story of his faith and ministry and health struggles, while consistently weaving in excerpts and examples from the life of Paul and Jonathan Edwards and John Owen etc. I appreciated his honesty about his own life and struggles and his practical advice for anyone facing.. anything! The style is conversational and easy to follow. Will definitely be one that goes on my Re-Read shelf.

~ There are no accidents. God led me to your book this morning which I have just finished reading for the first time, and it is only 8:30 am now! It was a cup of cold water for my thirsty soul. I didn't read it so much as hear your voice narrating and heard the voices of Paul, John, Clive, Jonathan and the other Dead Men telling me of their good friend, Jesus.

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